Has worked to support students since its establishment in 2004 to develope the student's skill and capacity in Baalbeck and it's suburbs through activities and projects thjat aim to:

1- Developing the technical skills through courses in music, theater, painting and sculpture.

2- Building youth personalities and giving them the opportunity to express their opinions in the attendance of specialist trainers offered monthly in addition to theatrical performances and music shows presented by participants in our center.

3- Empowering and helping youth to choose profession and majors in collaboration with INJAZ through workshops in career guidness, and increasing job opportunities through preparing Curriculum Vitae(CV) and job interview.

4- Intensive courses for certificates classes in addition to the regular English and computer courses.

5-Building Citizenship and belonging among youth to participate effectively in the community throgh workshops in conflict resolution and municipal action.

Our Schedual:

Academic couirses:
- English language courses with all levels (with the coordination of british council)
- Computer
- English summer schools  ESS
- French summer schools  FSS

Developing talents and art skills:

- Music courses : Piano , Guitar , Oud, ....
- Theater Courses
- Sculpture Course

LAS Library:

- Helping students in their daily lessons and internet researches
- Plays and movies for kids
                   A movie everu thursday (4:00PM) with a debates after the movie
- Theater play (Haisa) for Kids.